Gülüm Erdinç

Gülüm Erdinç is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer & EMO Master Practitioner Trainer in Bak, Istanbul, Turkey


Modern Energy Welcomed by The Holistic Academy - Turkey

Here at The GoE, we were very excited to hear that Turkish Modern Energy Trainer Gülüm Erdinç, had recently presented to a group of willing students, at the Holistic Academy.

Gülüm writes: Holistic Academy in Turkey has long been active in the area of spiritual, educational and holistic therapies. I was delighted to be invited to present an introductory seminar about EMO (Energy in Motion) and MET (Modern Energy Tapping) methods. This was pretty good opportunity for me because I was going to get people to know their energy bodies and educate them on Modern Energy Techniques.

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Posted Oca 10, 2018

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